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Amador County Traffic Court Help
Local Traffic Court and Misdemeanor Resoruces for Amador
Links to local information for help on traffic court, misdemeanor and warrant problems for the Jackson and Amador County areas. » read more...
Reviewing Attorney Info for Amador County
Contact and bio info for our sponsor Defense Attorney who receives and reviews the Requests for Attorney Case review for problems in Jackson and Amador County, CA. » read more...
How to Get a Public Defender in Amador County
If you cannot afford to hire a private defense attorney to help with a criminal case, you can ask the Amador County Court to appoint a Public Defender to your case. » read more...
Courthouse Notes for Amador County
Defense Attorney Notes on Amador Court Courthouses that handle warrants, failure to appear cases, and DUI (Vehicle Code section 23152 cases). » read more...