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San Bernardino Traffic Court Help
Help for Inland Empire Bench Warrants, Probation Violations,
DUIs and Misdemeanors

If you have a Bench Warrant, Probation Violation, Failure to Appear, or misdemeanor case in the Inland Empire, use our help. 

Our self help content is free, and our local Sponsor Attorney, Law Office of Mark Gallagher, provides Free Attorney Case Reviews for people who need help.

Use our Traffic Court Blog articles and FAQ sections to research:

Tips for Protecting Your Insurance Claim After an Accident
Defenses to Driving on a Suspended License,
Penalties for a First Offense DUI
What is a Veh Code 40508a Charge?
How Do Vehicle Code 40509.5 Holds Work?
Attorney Notes on San Bernardino Courthouses
What Happens If You Are Caught Driving After a DUI?
Or How to Get a Conviction Expunged

If you have a warrant problem in the San Bernardino Courthouse, Victorville, or Fontana Court, get a Free Case Review and find out why it makes sense to have professional help.  In most misdemeanor warrant cases, an Attorney can go to court for you and clear warrants and drivers license holds, even if you live out of state. 

Our Results and User Comments are outstanding and speak for themselves.  Don't wait until you are arrested.  Get help today!

Bench Warrant Attorney Mark Gallagher covers:

San Bernardino Courthouse | Victorville Courthouse | Fontana Courthouse | and others. . .

San Bernardino Traffic Court Help
Local San Bernardino Traffic Court Help Resources
Links to San Bernardino Resources for solving traffic and criminal court problems, such as a warrant or failure to appear. San Bernardino Public Defenders Office, DMV Driver Safety and other resources to help you get ready for court or to reinstate a suspended drivers license. » read more...
Attorney Notes on San Bernardino Courthouses
Use these notes from a working Attorney to prepare yourself before going to traffic or criminal court dates in san bernardino county. Information written by Attorneys dealing with warrants and criminal cases in the inland empire. Info on when court starts, common plea agreement, and notes on how to get in and out efficiently. » read more...
Traffic Court Tips Via Twitter RSS Feed
Constantly Updated traffic court and criminal case tips from an Attorney actually working in local courthouses. The self help tips are in list format, and you can click on any to see the detail. Copy the RSS Feed address to add to your own site or homepage. » read more...
Recent Results: San Bernardino
Description of result outstanding results achieved by TrafficCourtPros.com attorneys in San Bernardino. Examples only, not meant to be a prediction on your case. » read more...